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Interior Designer Daphne

Daphne Bradley

Owner/Interior Designer

A little about Daphne:

As a Chester County native, Daphne has been a hands-on construction helper and remodeler since childhood. Her father built their family home, and Daphne and her siblings were actively involved, with hammers and nails in hand.

Daphne fondly reminisces about her childhood, where she enjoyed rearranging furniture in her bedroom and throughout the house, as well as picking flowers and arranging them in vases. She demonstrated a talent for crafting items from various materials, but it was her father's enthusiasm for building and painting that significantly influenced her path towards becoming a designer. Growing up, her father engaged Daphne and her siblings in the construction of their family home, teaching them essential skills with tools like hammers, nails, and paintbrushes. This early introduction to hands-on work honed Daphne's abilities and inspired her creative passion, ultimately guiding her towards a career in design.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Interior Designer Daphne Bradley established Design By Daphne, LLC, in 2008. Daphne takes pride in her ability to offer clients unique and creative designs that reflect their needs and lifestyle without exceeding their budget.

Specializing in Re-design, Daphne can assist you with as little or as much as you prefer, putting her creativity to work to bring your vision to life.

"Sometimes it is as simple as rethinking how you use what you already have."

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