"Rethinking how you use what you already have"
"Rethinking how you use what you already have"

Written By Karen O'Lone-Hahn


Monday, August 13, 2012

Interview with a Designer


Karen : Where are you from?


Daphne: Born and raised here in Southern Chester County. My children happen to be fourth generation Avon Grove students. I love it here.


Karen: What inspired you to become a designer?

Daphne: I have to say that I have always had a crafty/ creative side. I can remember when I was little I would always move things in my bedroom and around the house, loved to pick flowers and arrange them in glasses. I would make things out of just about anything you could think of. But really what shaped me into becoming a designer was growing up with a father that was always building or painting. He built our family home while I was growing up. He wasn’t shy with letting us help. Hammer, nails, paint brush….I learned to use them all and haven’t put them down since.


Karen: How long have you been a designer?

Daphne: I graduated college in 1991. I’d love to say that I have been designing since then, however family life soon began and I stayed home to raise my children. In 1994 I began a craft business and did that for several years. I just need that creative outlet. In 1999 I shifted gears a little and started working part time in an antique shop. Few years later I found myself managing a furniture store until it closed in 2007. Early 2008 I was encouraged by many of my loved ones to start my own design business. I love design, color, and people and just find it fun. So this started Design By Daphne.


Karen: How long have you had your own business?


Daphne: I have been in business now for just over 4 years.


Karen: What types of rooms do you specialize in?


Daphne: I really do not limit myself to any one room. I love them all. I tend to find inspiration from my clients and my creativity flows.


Karen: Who is your typical client?


Daphne: Most of my clients are middle class. I have designed for all ages. I find most of my clients are stuck with out inspiration or don’t know where to get started, and that is when they call upon me. I am able to dig out their ideas put them all together, along with a few of my own; to create the space they have been dreaming of.

I also have a few Commercial clients; of course their needs are much different and a bit more demanding. All the same I love what I do and design happens.


Karen: Price range?


Daphne: My consultation fees vary, depending on what your over all needs are.

Karen: What geographic area do you serve?


Daphne: Southern Chester county and Northern Delaware (Newark, Wilmington, Bear, Middletown, New Castle, )



Karen: You designed a room around some of my paintings, which ones? How did that idea come about?


Daphne: It all started a few years ago when my sister and I were at the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square. We found you and your art work displayed in the art hall. My sister fell in love with the Raining Broccoli (Eat Your Broccoli) with cows print. Bought it and planned to hang it right away in her kitchen. A few years went by; the print never got framed and just sat upright on the ledge. She wound up moving, and the cows got packed away. I helped her paint her new home, unpack, etc. Well during this time, she and I ventured out to another local craft fair, and we ran into you again, finding two more paintings that she just couldn’t live without. My sister asked me how she could work these into her new home as the new place really didn’t have any wall space in the kitchen. So the designer in me went to work. Coming up with the idea to display them in the Guest room, so that everyone who comes to stay would get to enjoy them and feel happy. Your paintings are so fun and full of life. That’s how the room came about. Fun colors that make you smile, whimsical mix match furnishings and endless imagination. And Yes, for Adults. Why should the kids be the only ones to enjoy fun colors?


Karen: What are the elements in my paintings that you pulled out to base your design on?


Daphne: I designed the room mostly from the fun colors in the paintings. I choose a fun stripe pattern for the walls in vibrant colors. It all happened from inspiration on the whimsical fun of your art.


Karen: Most of my collectors are adults who buy my paintings for themselves, yet very often, when I am at outdoor shows, I hear people remark how great they would be for kids rooms, which they are, but here people can see how they can be incorporated into a sophisticated, yet colorful and fun adult room.


Karen: What other items, colors, framing options etc.. might you incorporate with them in another room (kitchen for example) to create a cohesive display?


Daphne: To answer this, I would like to see them in some old carved frames of all shapes and sizes that were sprayed in a few bright fun colors (or one to keep it simple). Gallery them together on a wall near a writing desk, or behind a living room sofa. How fun?


Karen: What is your best decorating advice?


Daphne: Don’t be afraid ! Buy art that you love, hang it at eye level so you can enjoy it pull colors and inspiration from that art. Your home is your canvas and doesn’t have to look like it came from a magazine. Enjoy it!


For more information about Daphne and her work, here is where you can find her:


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